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Formally known as Global Vision Center, Kingdom Vision Outreach Center is founded on the Word of God and is committed to spreading the good news, the God news of the Kingdom of God. We are a Word of faith based church. We believe God has called everyone to live a life of faith for His Word says, "the just shall live by faith." —Romans 1:17. All He asks if for us to believe and walk according to what His Word says. Kingdom Vision Outreach Center in Milwaukee is the Headquarters of Kingdom Vision Outreach Ministries.


Believe. Receive. All things are possible!

Senior Pastors

Apostles John and Dr. Pennie Kako are the Founders of Kingdom Vision Outreach Ministries and senior pastors at Kingdom Vision Outreach Center. They are anointed teachers with a desire to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God to all people. Their desire is to see God’s people delivered and set free, claiming their God-given inheritance to fulfill their purpose in God for they are made in the image of God.




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